No change in fuel prices, says Dar

Finance Clergyman Ishaq Dar on Sunday reported that fuel costs would continue as before for the following fortnight which closes on January 31.

“We are not changing the costs. The cost of petroleum will stay at Rs214.80, diesel will stay at Rs227.80, cost of lamp oil to stay at Rs171.83 while light diesel oil will stay at Rs169,” he said during a broadcast address.

Recently, the public authority declared to keep up with the costs of oil-based commodities at current levels to give help to the majority.

On December 15, the public authority cut the cost of petroleum by Rs10 and diesel by Rs7.5.

The cost of lamp fuel oil was cut by Rs10 on Nov 30 while the cost of light diesel oil was decreased by Rs7.5 per liter.

The public authority had recently kept the costs of all oil-based commodities unaltered on Oct 15, Oct 30, and Nov 15.


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