Suleman Shehbaz clear by FIA in money laundering case citing ‘lack of evidence’

The Government Examination Organization (FIA) on Saturday cleared Suleman Shehbaz — child of State head Shehbaz Sharif — in the Rs16 billion sugar trick case, referring to an “absence of proof”.

The FIA conceded exoneration to the state head’s child in a challan submitted in Lahore’s unique court, which took up a supplication recorded by Suleman looking for bail for the situation.

Suleman, who got back to Pakistan on Dec 11 following four years of self-exile in London, was denounced in a Rs16bn tax evasion case enlisted with the FIA while the Public Responsibility Department (Grab) had assigned him in a resources past means reference.

He was pronounced a declared guilty party in the two cases.

Preceding his return, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) had limited the Capture and FIA from capturing him.

Today, Suleman was joined by his advice Amjad Parvez in the conference.

As the procedures started, the FIA presented a challan under the steady gaze of the court, expressing that the organization couldn’t find any proof against Suleman for the situation that it had been exploring for quite a long time.

Following the FIA accommodation, Suleman and another co-denounced Tahir Naqvi pulled out their bail applications.

The meeting was dismissed till Feb 4.

Two or three months prior, an extraordinary court of Lahore had vindicated PM Shehbaz and his senior child, Hamza Shehbaz, for this situation. The FIA had booked Shehbaz and his two children — Hamza and Suleman — in November 2020 under areas 419, 420, 468, 471, 34, and 109 of the Counteraction of Defilement Act, read with segment 3/4 of the Counter Tax evasion Act.

Suleman and another co-suspect had been announced broadcasted guilty parties by the court for their steady nonattendance from procedures.

The cases

The FIA had booked Shehbaz and his children Hamza and Suleman in November 2020 under areas 419, 420, 468, 471, 34, and 109 of the Counteraction of Defilement Act and r/w 3/4 of Against Illegal tax avoidance Act.

Capture warrants had been given for Suleman. Nonetheless, in its report submitted to the court, the FIA had expressed that the warrants couldn’t be executed since Suleman was absent at his location and had traveled to another country.

A preliminary court had likewise pronounced him a broadcasted guilty party, alongside one more suspect in an Rs16 billion tax evasion case, in July this year.

As per the FIA report, the examination group “recognized 28 benami records of the Shehbaz family through which tax evasion of Rs16.3bn was committed from 2008-18. The FIA inspected a cash trail of 17,000 credit exchanges.”

The report added that the sum was kept in “stowed away records” and “given to Shehbaz in an individual limit”.

Additionally, in June 2020, the Capture held onto Suleman’s portions adding up to a billion in 16 organizations alongside cash worth Rs4.1 million held in three financial balances along with 10 marl as agrarian land and parcels spreading north of 209 Kanals.

The Capture had additionally claimed that resources worth Rs3.3b had been recognized in those days as unlawfully collected by Suleman, his sibling Hamza Shehbaz and their dad Shehbaz Sharif.

This was after a responsibility court in Lahore pronounced him a declared guilty party in October 2019 after a Catch examiner said the department had given something like six hit-up notifications to the suspect, however, he didn’t answer and escaped the country to stay away from the examination.


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